Questions & Answers

Where do I find the nutritional information?

As a rule, the nutritional information is shown right on the product package. In addition, you can also find the nutritional information on our site, as part of the respective product information.

Do you have gluten-free items in your product range?

Unfortunately not. None of our items is gluten-free, because all our products have wheat as the main ingredient.

I am lactose-intolerant. Which products may I still eat?

Only a few of our products are made without milk products, such as our waffle rolls, our black-and-white tea cookies, and our caramel cookie ring. 

In accordance with German foodstuffs law, all ingredients are shown in the list of ingredients.  However, during the production of lactose-free products, there can be minimal levels of unintentional impurities (cross-contamination). This possible cross-contamination, which can occur at our plant or at the raw materials manufacturers, is referred to in our ingredients text as "traces of lactose or milk." 

Are your products suitable for vegetarians?

Yes, all our products are suitable for a vegetarian diet. 

Do you use animal ingredients for the production of your baked goods?

Yes, to produce our baked goods, we use some milk and/or egg products. You can find precise information in the respective list of ingredients. Our caramel cookie ring, for example, does not contain any constituents of animal origin as ingredients.

Do your products contain alcohol?

In our products, alcohol is used as a carrier for flavorings, but it evaporates during the baking process for the cookies.

From which type of farming method do your eggs come?

The egg products we used come from cage-free chickens.

Do you have any other questions, or do you need more information?

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