Tradition and progress are not a contradiction.

If a customer comes to us and needs a delivery within three days, he’ll get what he wants. We are flexible, fast and don’t need long decision-making processes. The Verden Cookie and Wafer Factory, Hans Freitag is an up-to-date traditional company and this is not a contradiction. We operate sustainably much like a family business because we always have the day after tomorrow in mind and don’t just focus on shortterm successes. We are well aware of the market conditions.

We know what makes the consumer tick and react with constant new products and assortments. Hans Freitag – for three generations the name has stood for one idea: A great product for a great price! Craftsmanship and an up-to-date industrial mass production make it possible.




- 130 items

- 330 employees

- Over 60% trademarks

- 30% export to over 40 countries


- Location: Industrial park Verden / Lower Saxony

- 55,000 sq.m. property

- 27,000 sq.m. production area

- Daily production about 130 tons of cookies and waffle cookies