Nowadays, sustainability is an issue that comes up in every part of our daily lives. It refers to sustainable management, in the sense of preserving our resources and an intact environment for future generations to come. For us as a food manufacturer, ecological sustainability means focusing on raw materials, among other things.

Palm oil

Since we primarily use palm oil in our baked goods, we have joined the RSPO (Roundtable of Sustainable Palm Oil) to actively help promote the sustainable cultivation of this raw material, which is essential for our production. Because of palm oil’s excellent properties and given the lack of alternatives, so far it has not been possible to replace it with another fat. So the goal is not to completely avoid using palm oil, but to limit ourselves to sustainably farmed sources. That is our commitment.

Our voluntary commitment:

Declaration by Verdener Keks- und Waffelfabrik Hans Freitag GmbH & Co. KG on the use of sustainable palm oil.

Verdener Keks- und Waffelfabrik Hans Freitag GmbH & Co. KG is a family company founded in 1946 that specializes in manufacturing long-life baked goods.

The company produces up to 130 tons of cookies and wafers a day. The quality and diverse range of our more than 130 items are the foundation of our success, both as a proprietary brand and as a private-label brand for Germany and Europe’s leading food retailer. 

We are pleased to be a part of the RSPO, working on behalf of the sustainable and conscious use of resources throughout the entire supply chain. We can master this challenge by ensuring open communications between suppliers, manufacturers and end consumers, as well as with a clear commitment to our responsibility toward people and the environment.Since early 2017, we have exclusively used sustainable palm oil according to the segregation system. 

We are performing the necessary public relations work on our website, on our blog and in all of our public statements. In addition, we will provide our trade partners and employees with all the information they need to work with sustainable, RSPO-certified palm oil. To the extent that this is compatible with German and European competition law, we promise to inform all of our market partners about the experience we gather from using certified palm oil, to share our experiences, and to provide our partners with information in the event of any follow-up questions or concerns. 

Membership in the RSPO allows us to be a part of the “Supply Chain Certification System (SCCS).” The corresponding auditing process demonstrates that we are correctly implementing all of the necessary process steps, which creates a solid basis for participating in the supply chain for sustainable palm oil. 

As a responsible food manufacturer, we are dedicated to the concept of sustainability. Our membership in the RSPO and our exclusive use of sustainably produced and certified palm oil is a way for us to demonstrate our commitment to sustainability.


Almost all of our cookies and wafers contain cocoa, in the form of cocoa powder or chocolate. Cocoa is extremely popular as a raw material, but it often comes from agricultural regions where cocoa farmers and their families have difficult living and working conditions. In addition, environmentally harmful practices are often used, along with cases of improper child labor. 

As a result, we have decided to take part in the goal of marketing items with sustainably produced cocoa. Since April 1, 2016, our proprietary brand exclusively uses raw materials with cocoa components that are certified as per the UTZ mass balance system. 

UTZ is one of the world’s largest sustainability programs for coffee, cocoa, tea and hazelnuts. Incidentally, the word “UTZ” comes from the Mayan language – a reference to the ancient peoples of South America, which is the birthplace of cocoa. It means “good.”

To make sure that end consumers know we are using sustainably produced cocoa in our products, our packaging features the UTZ logo and the statement, “By purchasing UTZ-certified cocoa, Hans Freitag supports sustainable cocoa cultivation.” That way, we publicly show that we are working to increase the cultivation and marketing of sustainably produced cocoa. 

However, as a medium-sized enterprise, we cannot make as big an impact as the large global players. That is why we joined the Sustainable Cocoa Forum. We hope we will be able to work with the other forum members to promote sustainable cocoa production. The forum’s members include the German Federal Government, the German candy industry, the German food trade, non-governmental organizations and standard-setting organizations.