Quality guarantee

High-quality products require high-quality ingredients. That is why we work with only the best suppliers and transport specialists. Our purchasing and quality assurance departments select all suppliers and raw materials based on strict criteria. When raw materials arrive, we check them carefully and then process them according to strict specifications.

That is how we always keep our baked goods fresh: with the aid of state-of-the art technology and more than 70 years of baking tradition.

Our quality guarantee

Short storage times

Even though it is not really necessary for our products:
We place great value on fast product turnover. Since we produce to order,
the average maximum storage period is only 15 days.

In our opinion:
Even for non-perishable baked goods – the fresher, the better!

Only the best ingredients

We guarantee:

No artificial flavorings

No preservatives

No dyes

No genetically altered ingredients

No processing of animal raw materials except milk products and eggs.

Hygiene & cleanliness

Of course, during the entire production process,
we make sure to comply with all appropriate hygiene conditions.


The Verdener Keks- und Waffelfabrik has been certified for years under the IFS (International Featured Standard)
"at the highest level".

 The IFS Food Standard has become the de facto worldwide standard for quality assurance in food production. Each year, IFS-certified plants are examined thoroughly by an independent, external auditor for several days.

Our motto is: We want the customer to come back; not the product!

IFS Certifications