"It's the mix that makes it"

A brand is only as good as the people behind it. The best philosophy, the greatest machines and the most sophisticated logistics are useless without committed people who fill a company with life. We have such employees and are very proud of our team. Our co-workers participate in the strategic thinking and are involved in the processes of our company. This is the only way for us to create a basis for a long-term satisfaction.

People at Hans Freitag


Many of our 330 employees have been true to us for decades, and we're proud of that!

 We don't just hand down orders from the board room to the assembly line; we don't have inflexible structures and rigid compartmentalized thinking. That enables us to react flexibly and quickly to changing market requirements. We don't just administer budgets; we decide with heart and understanding!

Hans-Wilhelm Reichert, Technical Manager:
»We make sure things keep running!«


Frank Heise, Plant Manager / Officer:
»Every internal or external audit moves us a step forward –
a QM system has to live to be effective.«


Peter Blome, Product Development:
»We develop our new creations in our magic kitchen. That means we lock
ourselves in for a few hours and only open the door if something is
ready to be sampled.«